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Cataracts are a common condition that will affect all eyes as they age, but they don’t need to diminish your quality of life. At LaCroix Eye Care, we will monitor your eye health closely for the development of cataracts and provide you with the guidance you need until you’re ready for treatment.

What Are Cataracts?

A cataract is a natural clouding of the lens that becomes denser over time, leading to progressively blurrier vision. This clouding significantly reduces the quality of your vision, preventing you from seeing clearly and can make everyday activities, like reading and night driving, more challenging. Classically, cataracts develop slowly with time and can be very subtle in the early stages. With regular, dilated eye examinations, our optometrists will be able to precisely identify signs of a cataract developing and monitor it for change over time.

Cataract Treatment and Management

During your eye examination, your eye health will be carefully evaluated for cataract formation. When the cataract becomes visually disrupting, you will be referred for cataract surgery, which is the only treatment for cataracts. While we do not perform cataract surgery, we are equipped to co-manage with surgical specialists when necessary to provide you with guidance before and after surgery, ensuring a seamless and integrated approach for your eye health.

Why Choose LaCroix Eye Care?

At LaCroix Eye Care, we employ thorough eye evaluations that allow for the precise detection and monitoring of cataracts, ensuring that our patients receive accurate and comprehensive care. Our team of highly skilled eye experts provides the personalized attention necessary that you need to prepare you for cataract surgery when ready to ensure you’re receiving an integrated experience before and after treatment.

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