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Diabetes has an impact on your overall health, including your eyes. With a combination of experience, expertise, and elite technology, our eye care professionals will examine the health of your eyes for signs of diabetic eye disease to ensure you receive the personalized attention necessary to maintain long term eye health.

What Are Diabetic Eye Exams?

Diabetic eye exams are specialized assessments designed to detect changes in eye health related to diabetes. These exams involve a thorough examination of the lens, retina, and blood vessels in the eye through dilated fundoscopy and advanced imaging techniques. Receiving an annual diabetic eye exam allows complications from diabetes to be identified early and plays a crucial role in preventing severe vision problems and maintaining overall eye health.

Why Are Diabetic Eye Exams Important?

Diabetes mellitus is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness worldwide and is the most common cause of blindness in people younger than 65 in the United States. Over many years, high blood sugar may damage the blood vessels in the body, including the fragile blood vessels in the seeing portion of the eye, the retina. If these vessels are compromised, they may leak fluid and blood, which can damage the retina. Vision changes can range from minimal to severe and temporary to permanent depending on the type and extent of damage, however, diabetes often begins to affect the eyes long before you notice changes in your vision. Obtaining a routine diabetic eye exam can identify the earliest signs of diabetic retinopathy so that appropriate monitoring and/or treatment intervention can be taken before it progresses to a more severe stage.

Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy

Medical treatment of diabetic eye disease is generally directed at the underlying problem – the diabetes itself. Better blood sugar control will result in fewer problems in the long term however, surgical treatments are available to treat diabetic retinopathy should it progress to advanced stages. At our practice, our thorough examination of the retina is bolstered by advanced diagnostic technology so we can detect even the most subtle changes in the retina. Coupled with the expertise of our eye care professionals who are specially trained in managing diabetic eye disease, we’ll ensure you receive the care you need for your eyes to stay healthy for years to come.

Why Choose LaCroix Eye Care For Diabetic Eye Exams?

At LaCroix Eye Care, we stand out in providing diabetic eye exams due to our commitment to personalized care and the use of advanced technology. Our experienced eye care professionals are not only skilled in using specialized diagnostic techniques but also deeply understand the complexities of diabetic eye conditions. Choosing us for your care means entrusting your eye health to experts who prioritize early detection and effective management of diabetic eye issues.

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