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Meet Dr. Joyce Yestrepsky

Dr. Joyce Yestrepsky completed her undergraduate studies at Michigan State University and gained early admittance into the Southern College of Optometry. She graduated with high distinction in 1995. Her interest for optometry began when she was 10 years old and would have her eyes examined by their family eye doctor and friend, Dr. Errol Congleton. His caring and compassion inspired her to pursue the field of optometry.

After graduating in 1995, Dr. Yestrepsky’s first position as an optometrist was working at LaCroix Eye Care with Dr. Ann LaCroix-Fredal. She also had the pleasure of working along side the late Dr. Albert LaCroix.

“I feel very honored to have had the opportunity to work with both Dr. LaCroix’s. Dr. Albert LaCroix was retired then, but would knock on my exam door and ask if I needed anything while I was examining patients. He would always give me ‘the thumb’s up’, helping boost my confidence daily as a new eye care practitioner. I use his pearl’s of wisdom every day in practice on how to care and listen to patients. Now 20 years later, I am back at the same practice I started at and feel so blessed to be a part of LaCroix Eye Care. It is a practice that has such solid foundations created from Dr. Albert and such new innovations and technology that Dr. Ann has infused into the practice.”

Dr. Yestrepsky provides primary care exams for all ages, including young children. She has been involved in the InfantSee Program, a program that provides eye care for infants, and also programs that give children in poverty-stricken communities free eye care.

“Working with children is such a joy to me. It is crucial that vision deficits in children are detected as early as possible in order to insure that the child’s visual processing skills develop adequately.”

Dr. Yestrepsky also has a strong interest in contact lenses. She has fit children as young as 7 years old and enjoys helping those with more complex fits such as multifocal contact lens wearers. She also enjoys practicing the full scope of her degree by not only diagnosing and treating eye infections, dry eye disease, ocular allergies, and glaucoma, but also educating patients on ocular wellness such as macular degeneration prevention.

Dr. Yestrepsky has been a member of the American Optometric Association and the Michigan Optometric Association since 1995.

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