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Eyeglasses and frames at LaCroix Eye Care

Hundreds Of Designer Frames To Choose From

Our optical boutique contains over 900 frames from a wide selection of designers offering an extensive range of styles to suit every taste and preference. Whether you’re looking for a high-end, sporty, or casual, everyday frame – our collection offers something for everyone.

Specialty Lens Designs

We are proud to offer high-quality lenses from companies that excel in lens design to offer you your best vision. Lens materials and treatments improve vision and clarity, reduce glare, and aid in visual comfort, and the specific type of eyeglass lens depends largely on its function. Our optometrists and opticians will listen to your visual needs and provide you with lens styles and treatments that will best suit your specific visual goals. Our selection of specialty lenses include:

  • Polarized lenses
  • Anti-reflective (glare-free) lenses, Crizal
  • Transition Lenses
  • Blue blocking lenses
  • Personalized progressive lenses, Varilux
  • Computer lenses
  • Anti-fatigue lenses
Woman wearing eyeglasses from LaCroix Eye Care

Our Team Is Here To Help You Find Your Perfect Pair.

At LaCroix, our expertise extends beyond providing quality eyewear; we’re style consultants dedicated to enhancing your look. Our optical department includes unique offerings from renown brands in a variety of styles – classic, vintage, sophisticated, and funky.

Couple wearing eyeglasses at LaCroix Eye Carea
Woman wearing eyeglasses at LaCroix Eye Care

Selecting The Perfect Style

Frame shape, size, and design should enhance the colors of your eyes, complement your skin tone, and enhance the best features of your face shape. Lens materials and treatments improve vision and clarity, reduce glare, and aid in visual comfort. We understand the process of selecting the perfect pair of glasses can be daunting without the right guidance, which is why our team is here to make the selection process easy. Our experienced team will guide you through the process of selecting the right frame, lenses, and treatments so you can receive your best vision and style.

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Why Choose LaCroix Eye Care?

We don’t leave something as important as your vision up to chance. For decades, we have had a strong commitment to excellence to ensure that each patient receives the personalized attention necessary to achieve the optimal visual performance and eye health that they deserve. Experience the difference of LaCroix Eye Care – schedule your appointment today!

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