Sunglasses in Mount Clemens, MI

The sunglasses we carry at LaCroix Eye Care embody our commitment to vision, wellness, and style. Our experienced team of opticians and eye doctors will walk you through our selection to ensure that you find a pair that will protect your eyes in style.

The Right Shades Improve Your Style — and Your Eye Safety

Sunlight doesn’t just make it harder to drive or swim; the ultraviolet radiation it emits also causes permanent damage to the eye, and that damage accumulates over the course of your lifetime. Sunlight can also be a causal factor in dry eye disease. Sunglasses offer important UV protection and keep your vision clear. They also help you make a fashion statement — something our expert opticians can help you with by matching you to the perfect pair that sits comfortably and flawlessly matches your personal style.

Choose from Hundreds of Designer Sunglasses

We offer hundreds of frames from dozens of designers, including labels like Nike, GUESS, Calvin Klein®, Nautica®, Michael Kors®, and more. Our opticians love to help patients browse our collection and excel at making customized recommendations based on their lifestyle, facial features, and fashion sense. We also have prescription options, so you can have a special pair to mix and match with different outfits and help you comfortably enjoy the great outdoors!

Our Sunglasses Frames Brands

Customize Your Sunglasses with Specialty Lenses

Our veteran eye doctors and opticians at LaCroix can recommend specialty lenses to better support your specific habits, eye health, and lifestyle needs. Feel free to browse your options below or come see us, we have many excellent options in store for you!

• Polarized lenses
• Anti-reflective (glare-free) lenses 
• Personalized progressive lenses
• Shamir golf lenses
• Crizal lenses (by Essilor)

Why Choose LaCroix Eye Care?

At LaCroix Eye Care, we treat all our patients like family. We will do whatever we can to make sure that your sunglasses go above and beyond to satisfy any of your concerns. There’s a difference between grabbing a pair of sunglasses from a retailer’s display rack and picking out the perfect pair in a heavily personalized shopping experience. Our team has helped thousands of customers just like you bring out their best selves, and as a result, we’ve become experts at learning how to read between the lines and make recommendations to comfortably match your wants, needs, and fashion sense.

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